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PowerPoint "Make a Professional Presentation"

This course is an attempt to increase your Visual Literacy, at the end of this course you will be able to create a professional presentation , where you will be able to design a professionally sound PowerPoint Presentation , this course is meant for students who know how to create a basic PowerPoint presentation , but they need more tips and techniques to reach mastery, during this course I will show you many ideas ,and give you tips how to make your presentation look like it was created by a professional ,how it will capture the attention of your audience by covering the following topics :
  1. Why Do We Use PowerPoint ? Chapter Two will cover why Power Point is used ?It's is used because  : PowerPoint is easy to learn ,accessible, flexible , easy to read, the slides are reusable, and it is powerful
  2. Planning : In Chapter Three you will learn how to plan the presentation by discussing a planning template, the template should include : how many minutes you will spend on each slide, what to write on each slide, what to say when presenting each slide , and which resources are needed for each slide .
  3. Consistency : you will learn in Chapter Four how to make the following elements consistent in your presentation: text, color,l ayout, theme images and formatting , then you will learn how to do that using Slide Master in Chapter Five .
  4. Font :In Chapter Six you will learn what type of Font to use , what size of Font ,and  which type of Format of Font to use .
  5. KIS (Keep IT Simple) : In Chapter Seven you will learn how to keep your presentation simple by not using many types ,and colors of Font , in addition to that you will learn the 6X7 rule ,what case of Font to use and when to use colored text .
  6. Lists : In Chapter Eight you will learn the difference between bulleted and numbered lists , when and how to use them .
  7. Contrast : in Chapter Nine you will learn how to use Contrast to make your Presentation readable and the Color Wheel is discussed briefly .
  8. Pictures , Sounds ,and Transitions : In Chapter Ten you will learn which type of pictures to use in your Presentation , how to use sounds, and transitions , then you will learn how to handle pictures when inserting them into your slides .
  9. Tips and Graphs: In Chapter Eleven you will learn how to create a professional Graph step by step , you will also learn how to make your screen black or white ,and why do you need to do that ?then you will learn how to hide the mouse pointer ? when to use handouts ,PowerPoint notes and how to print them.
  10. Summary : In Chapter Twelve you will get a quick summary of the whole course ,
  11. Assessment: At then end you will have an assessment to measure the knowledge that you have gained during the course .
25% of All Course Revenue will be donated to Syrian Refugees  
Who this course is for:
  • This course is meant for students who already know how to create basic presentation using at least one presentation software like power point
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