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Free udemy course......... The Practical Business Analysis - Part 1 2019! Real stuff, no faff! course is created for the analysts, by the analysts. I created this to cater to experienced and seasoned professionals, as much as to entry-level and mid-level analysts and managers. More importantly I did not lose sight of the young graduates fresh out of colleges and universities mulling over the idea of business analysis as a career option. This course aims to fill the much felt gap in the market for an insightful course that is developed for the analysts, by the analysts! 

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Practical Business Analysis-Part1 2019: Real stuff, no faff!

The Practical Business Analysis -Part 1 course has six modules and each module has 4-7 lectures. So, its a comprehensive course with a great lineup of 18 lectures. These are put together to offer you the best insights, packaged from my practical experience of working in the industry as a business analyst for over 18 years!
From the Practical Business Analysis - Part1 course, you are sure to get High quality content created and well-presented by well-qualified, experienced and competent professionals. The course is created with top-notch production and technical values and is filled with visually appealing animations and infographicsfor better engagement. You will get practical and actionable insights and top tips straight from the experience of practising analysts. Though this is largely based on the insights gathered from my experience working as a business analyst, I also covered some important points from the global thought-leaders. These include the IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) and BCS (The Chartered Institute for IT, previously known as British Computer Society).
By the end of the course, you will be able to answer the following questions confidently and convincingly:
  1. What is business analysis?
  2. What are the various flavours and aspects of business analysis?
  3. Why is a business analyst required in software projects?
  4. Who is a business analyst?
  5. What does a business analyst do?
  6. When in the product life cycle does a BA get involved?  
  7. Where do we need a business analyst?
  8. What areas in the organisation do the BAs operate in? 
  9. What are the guiding principles and facets for business analysts?   
  10. What are the facets and coverage areas for the business analysts?
  11. What are the references, resources and sources of knowledge and tools for BAs?  

Who this course is for:
  • Experienced business analysts, product managers and IT professionals looking for a refresher
  • Early stage business analysts, product managers and business consultants in need of a strong foundation
  • Experienced professionals in IT development, sales, testing etc who are considering to switch their careers
  • Young aspirants and graduates who are exploring business analysis as a career
  • Post graduate students, graduates in engineering, management, sciences, technology, business and economics
  • Professors, lectures, teachers in universities, colleges and academic institutions
  • General enthusiasts who wish to know about the art and science of business analysis
  • Get the course

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