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Free udemy course............ Do you want to learn how to build a business online selling T-shirts and other simple products?
Print On Demand Academy

Do you want to learn how to build an advertising Strategy for your E-commerce business?

Or... do you want to learn how to build a successful clothing line WITHOUT A Printer, Lots of experience in the clothing industry, lots of design experience or even having the handle the shipping, etc.

Well... if you answered “yes” to any of those above questions - let Ace Reddy the foremost Expert in the E-commerce Industry show you exactly how to build a solid business using the Print on Demand Business model!

This is a beginner friendly course that’s going to show you: 
  1. Why E-commerce is one of the BEST Businesses to start today!
  2. How to build an entire business selling great products to SUPER PASSIONATE CUSTOMERS!
  3. The 3 Step System you can legally “steal” from me and use to build a solid E-commerce business online!
  4. How to Pick a Niche that’s BEST for you and dominate it! - Different people have different niches that are best for them, learn how to figure out what niche would work the best for you!
  5. How to research forums and other your competitor’s ads to understand your niche on a deeper level!
  6. Learn WHY you need to build a Self Hosted Print on Demand Business is! (If you don’t know what it means, I explain that too)
  7. How to Setup Your First Shopify Store from scratch!
  8. How to Create GREAT T-shirt Designs that sell like chocolate!
  9. Different Types of Traffic Methods you can use to promote your business! (The Good ol’ free traffic vs paid traffic comparison)
  10. Facebook Ad Tips, Tricks and Strategies!
  11. The Newbie’s Guide To Creating An Advertising Strategy For Their E-commerce Business!
  12. The Newbies Guide To Writing a High Converting Facebook Ad in 10 mins!
  13. How To Use Instagram Influencer's To Get Traffic To Your Store!
Enroll in this course today and let me demonstrate some next level strategies and techniques you can use to blow up your business.
Disclaimer: This course is not affiliated with Facebook, Instagram, Shopify or any of the other programs we mention in the program. 
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to build a solid E-commerce Business Online!
  • Those interested in Print On Demand
  • Anyone looking to start an online store without needing to ship physical products themselves
  • Get the course

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