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Free udemy course........ FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!!

This course is meant to empower those looking to invest and create stock portfolios, with tools for value investing and selecting stocks based on strong long-term fundamentals.
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Value Investing and Fundamental Stock Analysis

It introduces and covers practical aspects of evaluating company financial statements, utilizing and calculating investment ratios and come with a practical model for analysis and comparing different stocks.

A course with all elements to help the student start from scratch in investing in stocks and ensuring their approach is one that uses conservative, long-term value based investing principles.
Who this course is for:
  • You want to invest for the long term. I'm talking building an investment portfolio that emphasis identifying, acquiring and holding under-valued stocks for what may be years or even decades.
  • You have an interest in stocks/shares and want to build some ownership in great companies. This course will help you evaluate if you are paying way too much right now when buying shares of a certain company.
  • You have unsuccessfully (or successfully) tried day-trading, binary options, FX trading, crypto trading and are looking for a longer term and more conservative investment strategy (where you don't have to worry about overnight positions, margin calls, borrow, etc on a daily basis).
  • You want to leave something for your children/family by building a legacy investment portfolio to pass on
  • Get the course

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