Why Lightroom Develop Presets Sometimes Don't Work..udemy 100% free course

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Free udemy course........ Have You Ever Downloaded Lightroom Presets, Applied & Thought – These Presets Suck!?!?
Well, I'll share with you why some Develop presets, that you download for free or even premium presets, may not work for you.
Why Lightroom Develop Presets Sometimes Don't Work

You'll learn the true power of Lightroom - presets.  Not just Develop presets.  There are many more presets available and we'll discover a few of them in this course.
Then, I'll share with you my most passionate video - EVER....
...you'll learn the "Ugly Truth About Develop Presets" that no one else is talking about (because, those selling you premium presets don't want you to know).
Once you know the truth, we'll dive in a little deeper and you'll learn more about Develop presets and their limitations.  This knowledge will set you free and you'll be miles ahead of most photographers, in understanding how to use Develop presets. 
Oh, and this course includes 5 free Lightroom presets from my premium collection!

Who this course is for:
  • All photographers and Lightroom users (of all levels)
  • Get the course

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