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omnia elsadawy
Free udemy course..... I have created this basic AutoCAD course in order for complete beginners with no prior AutoCAD knowledge to get hands-on experience of using the software. It is primarily aimed at those who just want to see what using AutoCAD entails before enrolling on a full course.

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AutoCAD Basics for New Users

It is also aimed at Engineers and others who would like to learn just enough to be able to carry out their own basic modifications to drawings, without the need to go back to a CAD Technician for minor amendments.
It is not supposed to be a complete guide to AutoCAD as that would be impossible in the time this course takes but should give anyone enough knowledge to be able to create and amend basic drawings in AutoCAD. It will also give people enough confidence to move onto more in depth beginners courses.
I hope this course will also be of benefit to those who may have learned AutoCAD in the past but not used it for a while and need a quick refresher.
**Please Note: This course was recorded on the PC version of AutoCAD 2019 . If you use a MAC then the commands and locations may vary. I do not have a MAC so am unable to help with this but a quick Google search should help you.**
Who this course is for:
  • People With No Prior AutoCAD Experience
  • People That Would Like To See Whats Involved In Using AutoCAD
  • Engineers Who Need Basic Editing Skills
  • Get the course

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