How To Go From 0 To 2,000 Youtube Subscribers FAST!.. udemy 100% free course

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Free udemy course............ Are you looking for way to get more views and subscribers to your you tube channel?
How To Go From 0 To 2,000 Youtube Subscribers FAST!

If you're tired of getting 10 views and no comments, or maybe you have 100 views yet can't seem to break past 10 subscribers, I've got the course for you!
In this course I will breakdown the most relevant and up to date strategies I've used to grow my channel from 0 - over 2k subscribers.

And not with "viral" videos or pumping tons of money into advertising. I'm going to share with you how you can grow your channel in the most efficient way possible.

In this course we will be covering:
- Module 1: Optimizing Your Channel
-          Channel Names
-          Your About Section
-          Your Home Section
-          Community Section
-          Creating Playlists
-          Upload Default Settings
-          Branding Watermark for all videos
-          Channel Keywords (WAY overlooked)
-          #1 Tip To Get Your Channel Seen!
Module 2: Optimizing Your Videos
-          How To Pick A Title
-          Description Tips
-          Choosing the right tags
-          Adding End Cards
-          Adding Thumbnails
-          Pinning Comments
-          Why You Need To Reply To EVERY Comment
Module 3: How To Market Your Videos for FREE and Get Views Faster
-          Posting in Forums HACK
-          Instazood – Turn Instagram Followers into Subscribers
-          Facebook Groups
Module 4: Content Creation
-          Stick To A Niche
-          Short or Long Videos?
-          Consistency is CRUCIAL
-          Response Videos Hack – Get Tons of Views
Module 5: Mindset Hacks
-          How To Deal With Trolls
-          We All Start Somewhere
-          How Successful People Think
-          The Power Of Live Videos
Module 6: How to Create Good Thumbnails
-          Does Clickbait Still Work?
-          How To Use Fotor for Thumbnails
Module 7: How To Get Sponsorships
-          Email/Messaging Strategy To Brands
Module 8: The Best Ways To Collaborate
-          How To Convey Value
-          Start Small, Work Your Way Big

- No Risk To You -

Hope you like it! :)
- Taylor Martial Arts Tutor

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