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Free udemy course............On average 80% of your potential readers will just see your headline but only 20% will read your content. Most people will click away because they weren't convinced by your headline.
How to Write Killer Headlines That Convert and Get Clicks

On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar - David Ogilvy
Knowing how to write powerful and convincing headlines is the key to success in online marketing. It doesn't matter if you are a coppywritter, webmaster, SEO-expert, online-shop-seller, kindle author or entrepreneur. Everybody who is dealing with online media today can impact his business hugely by mastering the art of writing great headlines.
However, lacking this skill can lead to wasted money and time!
In this online course you will learn:
  • Hacks to make your headlines more powerful and emotional
  • Tips on ow to connect better to your audience via targeted headlines
  • Why you should use different headlines for different platforms
  • How to SEO-Optimize your headlines without keywordstuffing
  • and a lot more!
Who am I?
Hi, my name is Philipp Stelzel. I am working as a online marketing manager and teach courses on SEO and copywriting. I have created this course because I am seeing so many bad headlines and so many lost opportunities every day. Optimizing your website and products for an search engine is a lot of work. However, very often it is enough to apply the famous 80/20 rule.
Small tweaks (like optimizaing your website) can make huge differences. In the past, I was able to double my website traffic just from optimizing the headlines of my blog posts and I am sure that you can do the same.
Of course…You Have Unconditional 100%, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee…
Buy this course now, start learning today and become a master in the art of writing powerful headlines tomorrow!
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