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Free udemy course.......... After 18 years in talent acquisition, I’ve reviewed over ONE MILLION RESUMES and wrote a best-selling eBook on how to avoid the critical mistakes most people face in crafting their resume.  
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How to write a Resume

Bottom Line: Only 5% of candidates have an impactful resume and I’m here to help YOU start seeing results quickly.

This challenge is meant to transform your resume over the next 5 days so that you can sift through the misinformation and confusing guidance that exists on job searching, land in the ‘yes’ resume pile, and start getting called for interviews.
Let’s get you started on your path to landing your dream job.

I am a recruiter by trade and a humanist by condition. The existential question that drives me is "How can I help you?" Marrying together my expertise in talent acquisition and candidate experience this question becomes "How can I help you find your dream opportunity?"

My vision is to one day help organizations realize the impact of valuing human beings as people and not as pieces of paper. Until that time, I share unapologetic advice and job search strategies that work within the current system.

I help to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers through branding, the candidate experience and journey, along with disruptive talent acquisition strategies. My journey at Amazon led me to becoming their most visible employee by speaking on talent attraction, candidate experience (CandX), and humanizing the talent acquisition process.

I launched Talent Paradigm in 2017 with the goal of leveling the playing field for candidates in the job seeking process. My organization provides coaching, resume writing, branding, and consulting services and products to help improve candidate outcomes.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is designed for those struggling in their career search. It is very likely that their resume is not passing the Applicant Tracking System
  • Get the course

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