Premiere Pro : Color grading from zero to hero.. udemy 100% free course

omnia elsadawy
Free udemy course........... In this course you will learn how to grade and edit colors in video files making them in the best quality possible. The lessons presented in this course are practical because we will work on numerous video examples in which the colors are pale and in a low quality and we will grade and edit them turning them into high quality and professional videos.

Premiere Pro : Color grading from zero to hero

The course is very easy and simple and through it you will learn to edit and grade colors in any way you like.
The course is presented to the beginners in video editing and also for youtubers and anyone that makes their own videos whether to publish it on social media platforms or to make their own short movies because correcting colors is very important in setting shots and making them consistent with each other than you can add extra special effects to them and make them more professional.
So all you have to do is to subscribe to this course.

Who this course is for:
  • People interested in Photography
  • Adobe Premiere Pro users
  • People interested in learning video editing
  • Get the course

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