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Free udemy course........ Intimidated by color theory?
Are you struggling to decide how to combine colors in your graphics?
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The Complete Guide to Color Theory for designers

You’re not alone. While some of us are born with a sixth sense about color, most people are intimidated. Getting colors together is one of the biggest offenders artists face.. Understanding how to use colors effectively in your work is just not easy and that's what this course is all about. It'll teach you how to use colors like a pro. 
This is for business and entrepreneurs( designers and artists) who use visuals to sell their products or services, it will help you learn and and improve your  coloring skills  since color plays a very important role in catching the viewer's attention.
Note that The Color Theory Course has a general approach to colors which means I will be covering the basics and principals rules about colors that can be applied to any fields or specialization  I will be covering colors in art (color theory definition , color wheel,  and color theory in photography) also colors in branding  with live and concrete examples.
I believe that if you understand what each color means and the psychology of colors and what colors look good together you can apply this knowledge to anything design related either a website design a landscape or even clothing  because color harmony is inspired from only one source which is nature.

What this course is all about ?
In this course you will understand how colors are used in paintings and movies, and how to master color harmony to use it in your favor, either you are a graphic designer web designer, a filmmaker or even just a fan of art once you understand it you have all the time to master it.
The course is your track to obtain an understanding about colors and how colors are used to draw attention to tell a story or to affect the viewer's mood ! Whether for your own projects or to draw for other people.
It will take you from having little knowledge in color theory into having an advanced knowledge about colors and color harmony.
The Color Theory course deals with the abstract language of color. Students will learn basic color principles, terminology, and applications, with an emphasis on manipulating colors to either paint or creating beautiful designs.
This is the simplest, easiest yet the most comprehensive course related to color theory ! I made a great effort in putting all those elements together.

You’ll get lifetime access to your content and can learn at your own pace on any device, and you’re protected by a 100% money-back guarantee.
Note : This course is constantly updating with new projects, we're continually working to improve the scope and quality of our courses!
Who this course is for:
  • Graphic designers and painters curious about understanding colors and color harmony . This course is not for expert designers .
  • Web designers or interior designers looking to attract and impress the customer or the visitor and maybe make a purchase!
  • Get the course

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