Shot Revealed: Learn Lightpaint Nude Assignment Boudoir Adv.. udemy 100% free course

omnia elsadawy
Free udemy course......... WARNING: this is a showcase, a demo for free and not a course
  • I storytell on my work, have fun!
  • Learn some cheat tricks for a nude italian model
  • Photoshop Layerl and Pen Tool
  • You will see a Lightpainting Tecnique for Yamaha R1
  • Get Inspiration from the Nude Beatrix Advertising Shooting
Shot Revealed: Learn Lightpaint Nude Assignment Boudoir Adv

You will driven into my world, have some fun moments with a director's cut shooting about 3 of my assignment

What you could get from this?
  • Fun!
  • Inspiration!
  • Behind the scene secret
I'm very happy to share my knowledge inside this course, take a site and come with me in the magic, strange, world of Italian boudoir and advertising photography

See you in class dude!
Who this course is for:
  • Noobs but nice
  • Amateur PH
  • Professional Dude
  • Everyone who want to be skilled and original in Photography
  • Get the course

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