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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Advanced Excel Skills: Adv Formulas, Power Query, Dashboards.. 93% off udemy coupon code

Udemy coupon............This Course will teach you how to prepare efficient Excel model with advanced (powerful) formulas and function, Power Query /Pivot Tables and Excel VBA (all templates are available for download).
Fully Dynamic Excel dashboards either with just Excel Formulas or next level Dashboard with Power Query and Pivot tables (no formulas used, refresh the dashboard with new data with just two clicks)
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Advanced Excel Skills: Adv Formulas, Power Query, Dashboards

While this course will be utmost helpful to Accounting professionals, FP&A Professionals, Auditors, business professionals, anyone can enroll in the course to learn:
  1. Advanced Formulas and function and how to work with mega formulas 
  2. Using Power Query (Get and Transform) to automate multiple sheets into an insightful summary report (Pivot Tables Report)Using Excel VBA to control input and reduce errors, automate entire workflow saving precious time.
We will go through the specific example of Prepaid Expenditure in this course, details are given below: 
Prepaid Expenses are everywhere! The most common type of prepaid expenditures is Mobile Phone prepaid vouchers/data plans and Insurances.
Accounting for Prepaid Expenses is fairly straightforward (and easy).
Prepaid Expenditure Accounting activity is routine and critical for any Accountant. The accountant needs to accurately maintain the record of all prepaid expenses to computer accurate Profit or loss each period end (monthly/quarterly and yearly)
And Therefore it is quite crucial to have a Robust Prepaid Expenses Schedule (for an Accountant/Analyst/Auditor) and  Microsoft Excel is a great tool for this task
I will teach you the basics of Prepaid expense accounting with a simple example (Accounting Journal entries) 
I will teach you hands-on techniques to maintain a robust prepaid expenses schedule from which you can derive accurately:
  • The portion of Prepaid Expenses to be charged to Income Statement/Profit and Loss statement each month
  • Prepaid Expenditure Balances for Monthly Balance Sheet Reviews
  • Forecast or Budget Prepaid Expenses for future periods
  • Impact on Cashflow of Business due to prepaid expenses spending (high or low)
  • How to allocate prepaid expenditure each month to various divisions or cost centers accurately (using Power Query and Pivot tables) with just few clicks (fully automated approach)
  • How to make sure that Prepaid Expenditure GL (Balance Sheet) is accurately maintained (cross checking integrity of GL entries to detect and prevent errors and frauds)
I  have used Microsoft Excel as a tool to prepare three kinds of Prepaid Expenses Schedules (Models), I will walk you through step by step process on how to prepare and maintain prepaid expenses models/schedules during this you will learn:
  1. IF Function (nested IF), Date Functions, Lookup and Match Function, Named Ranges, Data validation, Array Formulas and much more
  2. How to combine above functions to create powerful formulas
  3. Use of Power Query (Get and Transform) and Pivot Tables
  4. Excel VBA
At end of the course, you will have a clear and practical understanding of how prepaid expenses accounting works and how you can use Microsoft Excel efficiently to calculate accurate prepaid expenses charge, prepaid expenses balance and Forecast Prepaid Expenses for future periods
Techniques learned in this course can be easily applied in preparing various other Excel Models in your business.... 

Who this course is for:
  • Any one who wants to learn Advanced modeling techniques and Tricks in Miscrosoft Excel
  • Accountants who wants to efficiently manage their Prepaid Expenses and Balance Sheet Reconcilations
  • Non-Accounting professional/Entrepreneurs who wants to estimate impact of Prepaid Expenses on their investment and Profit and Loss over fixed term
  • Analysts /Auditors who want to audit effectively for Prepaid Expenses
  • Business Budgets and Forecast Activities where prepaid expenses are crucial part of Balance Sheet and Income Statements
  • Get the course

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