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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Breathtaking Title Animation in After Effects like Hollywood.. udemy 100% free course

Free udemy course.............Title and Text animations are important part and parcel in film making and animations. It will elevate your production value.
In this course, I will show you, how to create animated titles in cinematic, futuristic and in 3d style on After Effects.
Breathtaking Title Animation in After Effects like Hollywood

I will use built in after effects features to create these animations.

I have used different type of techniques for industry standard animation, please check the previews, where I have shown, what exactly you will learn. It will start from what type of font you should choose, camera control, built in 3d features, Text Texturing, You will be able to texture your text in metal, wood or any style, masking, manipulation of scenes for a futuristic drone look, built in particle controls and so on.

Who this course is for:
  • Motion Grapher
  • Video Editors
  • Graphics Designer
  • Designers
  • Film Editor
  • Visual Effect Artists
  • Get the course

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