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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Career Coaching Certification #10 Digital Marketing..94% off udemy coupon code

Udemy coupon...........Career Coaching Certification by Experts Coach Academy! Excel in Digital Marketing with Phase 10 Career Coaching.   
Our goal at Experts Coach Academy is to develop you into a highly sought-after Certified Career Coach who rises above the noise.  This comprehensive and professional career coaching 12 Phase Accreditation program is designed to train you to become a highly-skilled hybrid Career Coach Consultant. 
Career Coaching Certification #10 Digital Marketing

By the time you finish CAREER COACHING CERTIFICATION PHASE 10, you will be smarter, wiser and more competent in Psychology, People Skills, Process of Coaching, Phrasing, Procedures and Hands-On Techniques, Performance, Pricing & Promotions as well as Personal and Professional Development so that you rise above ordinary career coaches, empower your clients’ success and your success while making a positive impact.  Let’s break it down:

CAREER COACHING PHASE 10 PSYCHOLOGY – You walk away with my simple experts’ career coaching preparation blueprint that unravels why people are not achieving their career change goals. By the time you finish the first section, you will be able to read their minds and see through their smoke screens. 
CAREER COACHING PHASE 10 PEOPLE SKILLS– You will become skilled at coaching Career Changers. We dive deep into how to coach them using a real-world Case Study example.
CAREER COACHING PHASE 10 PROCESS OF CAREER COACHING – our proprietary and registered trademarked 90DAYGURU® coaching model, the system you will use throughout this 12 phase accreditation program to coach people, is a step-by-step done-for-you proven coaching process ready for you to start using today.  As a bonus, your one-time low cost enrollment fee allows you to use our system without paying the annual licensing fee. 
CAREER COACHING PHASE 10 PHRASING – Have you ever struggled with what to say and when to say it?  We take the guess-work out of running a career coaching session by giving you the insight, questions, scripts and strategies that connect. 
CAREER COACHING PHASE 10 PROCEDURES – You receive the simplified hands-on techniques, activities and resources to guide your clients on the exact procedures to upskill and reskill so they rise above the noise. 
CAREER COACHING PHASE 10 PERFORMANCE  – you apply what you have learned and practice the coaching process with the Level 1 and Level 2 fieldwork - this is worth gold.  We show you exactly what you need to do.
CAREER COACHING PHASE 10 PRICING AND PROMOTIONS – Your worries about how to price your career coaching and how to promote without selling end here.  You get the inside track on what you need to do.
CAREER COACHING PHASE 10 PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - You receive ongoing support including my mentoring and guidance without having to pay extra fees. 

By the time you finish all of the requirements of PHASE 10 you will have coached clients, received testimonials and got a head start on your career coaching practice.  Priceless!

Plus you receive the original course designed to help Experts succeed as E-Learning Instructors.  
Digital Marketing for E-Learning Instructors  
Digital marketing simplified for the ongoing success of your online teaching business.  In this section you are introduced to the key components of using digital marketing to market your online courses.  
Online Marketing for E-Learning Instructors
Online marketing and how to use it to succeed in your online teaching business.  In this section you discover the fundamentals of online marketing, how to use it and what it means for the success of selling your online courses.  
Viral Marketing for E-Learning Instructors
Viral marketing essentials that every successful E-Learning Instructor needs to know.  In this section you learn the simple steps to developing a simple viral marketing plan for your online teaching business; the most fundamental digital marketing skill that helps you sell more courses effortlessly.  
Podcast Marketing for E-Learning Instructors  
Podcast marketing basics every E-Learning Instructor needs to know for marketing success. In this section you learn about podcast marketing and how to develop a podcast marketing strategy that keep your marketing focused. Focused marketing = save time and money.  
Live Stream Video for E-Learning Instructors
Live stream video for online teaching business success.  In this section you learn live stream video basics that work with the core foundation pieces you have developed.  When people are looking to learn and find your live stream video, you spend less time and money on marketing.  
So whether you are new to Career Coaching, are a seasoned career coach who is struggling to get and keep clients or you simply want to learn how to change your own career, phase 10 is for you.
When all requirements are completed, you receive a Certified Professional Experts Career Coach Certification for a very affordable price. Start with one course or commit to all 12 courses by adding them to the cart.
Remember, you are backed by Udemy’s 30 day money-back guarantee.   
Who this course is for:
  • People who want to become a career coach but don't have a step-by-step career coaching system that is interactive and results-driven.
  • This course is also ideal for people who are changing careers and want to rise above the competition by learning a unique approach.
  • If you are currently a Career Coach or Career Consultant and you are struggling to get and keep clients.
  • Get the course

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