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Monday, March 25, 2019

How Rotary Drilling Rig Systems Work- A Complete Guide.. 95% off udemy coupon code

Udemy coupon............This course describe different systems of drilling rig (Hoisting system, Rotary System,Circulation system,Power system, BOP system and Monitoring system) and provide insight of individual components.
How Rotary Drilling Rig Systems Work- A Complete Guide

While going through working mechanism of  drilling rig systems and their components, the course expand its circumference and manage to include rig prominent components detail, like Types of TDS and its components, classification  of Mud pumps, Draw works, Drill collars , drilling bits, drilling Jars. This Course also look into difference between Kelly system and TDS, difference between conventional mud motor and RSS. The course is not limited to introduction of drilling rig systems and their components,rather than it also shed light on drilling rig miscellaneous components. At the end it  demonstrate to understand of drilling rig location lay out.   

This course is useful  for entry level in oil and gas drilling sector. This course is best suited for individuals  who are interested to join or have urge to know about oil and gas drilling industry. Course is equally important for those who are already working as  as  roustabout, floor-man, derrick man or  assistant driller, driller and tool pusher  to grow their career path.This course will provide deep insight for well control systems and power systems for drilling supervisor and drilling engineer.Students seeking for petroleum engineering or drilling engineering diploma can also take this course for increasing their learning curve.This course will help any individual who want to know basic components functions of drilling rig. 
Who this course is for:
  • Any one who want to know very basics of oil and gas drilling rig. Students and individual who join oil & gas drilling rig currently, could take this course to boost up their learning curve. This Course is very useful for students going through petroleum engineering or drilling diploma. The students of other various discipline like, electrical, mechanical,electronics, metallurgy,chemical and environmental engineering can take this course if they are interested to join oil and gas drilling industry.
  • This Course carry answers for so many questions that any individual either experience or fresh might face in an interview.
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