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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Dynamics of writing powerful scripts for Feature Films.. udemy 100% free course

Free udemy course...............This Screenwriting course will go over EXCITING COURSE TOPICS that will examine screenwriting elements, give plenty of script examples, explanations and the valuable tips that will help you craft dynamic material.
You will learn the ins and out, the do's and don't and tips to help you excel and stand out from the crowded pack. 
Personal Development
Dynamics of writing powerful scripts for Feature Films

Story Basics & Structure – Story basics, elements of a Screenplay (Inciting Incident, Act Breaks, Climax, Resolution) creatively what goes into a great story. How to effectively tell your story.
Learn how to tell stories that you are passionate about and whether you can implement, Inspired or Based on a True Story from your own personal experiences.
Explore and learn the story basics of beginning, middle, and end. You'll be able to identify these basic story elements in many films and see how you can begin to incorporate them into your stories.
and much more!
Loglines – Why it's not impossible to write your entire story in one sentence.
Understand how to craft snappy but informative loglines that will catch attention fast and expertly sum up your story in one to two sentences!
TreatmentsOutlines, and Beat sheets – How to create the master blueprint for your story and what areas of your story to focus on that gains the most attention.
You will understand what goes into a treatment and focusing on the most captivating aspects/concepts of your story. You will be able to explain detailed points of your story in a way that is easy for audiences to visualize while providing us with the overall plot.
Characters – Create memorable and dynamic characters.  Create a lasting impression with characters who have goals that audiences care about. Understand a character's goal, wants, and needs and their internal conflict/change all scripts must have.
Expertly learn about a protagonist's goal and what this character unique from all your other characters. Show how their fatal flaw is the engine that provides their necessary change in Act II and other tips to help make your main character stand out.
You will be able to understand an Antagonist's motives and goals and how they differ and also are the same as the protagonist. You'll learn to write antagonists that are multi-dimensional and layered so that audiences can empathize with their motives. You will also learn and be able to write engaging supporting characters to both antagonists and protagonists.
Time & Setting – Creating the world in which your story takes places and how boring, generic setting can sabotage your script
Gain valuable insight into how time & setting can influence and shape the struggles for your characters. When consciously thought out, time & setting can be a character of its own in your screenplay.Theme – What does your story fundamentally mean?
Genre & Tone – How your story makes people feel (happy, sad, scared, tense, etc…) What are you really trying to say with your story and why we should care.
Dialogue – Creating realistic and authentic dialogue for your story. The world of talk and how it plays differently for the screen.
Learn to write dialogue that moves the story forward, engages characters, forces decisions, causes action, and shows deep characterization
Screenplay Format – How a Professional Screenplay should look
How to identify and write a professional screenplay and avoid  the most common mistakes when trying to convey your story ideas in script format.
Tips – Pieces of important information that will push your screenplay above the rest
You'll learn about stories with creative concepts. How to develop premium creative concepts and the tips to help you achieve this effortlessly. You will learn whether Based on a True Story or Inspired by True Eventsapplies to your own personal experience and how to take advantage when writing your screenplay.
You'll learn how to convey elaborate story concepts with simple method for higher engagement.
and much, much more!
This comprehensive course will arm you with the tools necessary to write and continue to craft screenplays that will cater to today's digital and streaming market all while using still understanding the traditional conventions that work for major studio films.
Who this course is for:
  • Creative Writers interested in Screenwriting
  • Beginning Writers interested in Screenwriting
  • Screenplay Writers interested in refining their craft
  • Writers interested in writing for Streaming Content
  • Get the course

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