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Saturday, May 25, 2019

How to Stop Stuttering Using the PRO90D Speech System 2.0..76% off udemy coupon code

Udemy coupon...............The PRO90D Speech System 2.0 gives you the freedom and control to say what you want, when you want. PRO90D teaches you how to speak proactively. Proactive Speaking puts you back in control of your speech. You discover how to express your thoughts, ideas, and perspective in a more fluent and powerful way. You truly become a master communicator. This ability improves your personal and professional relationships, frees you to pursue your dreams and goals, and, enables you to live a more productive life overall.  
Personal Development
How to Stop Stuttering Using the PRO90D Speech System 2.0

What is Proactive Speaking?  
Proactive Speaking says that  when you are actively engaged in the process of speaking with both your mind and body, you'll speak more smoothly, fluently and confidently.  It says that you are in the driver's seat.  You are in control of your speech because you can, by deliberate effort train your brain and body to speak the way you it to.  All you have know is HOW you want to speak, and HOW to train your brain and body.  This course gives teaches you how.  Proactive Speaking is initially a manual or conscious process when you first engage it. But it eventually, it  becomes automatic or subconscious the more you engage in it. 
The PRO90D Speech System is the most comprehensive and effective system in the world for transforming your speech from wherever it is now to smoother, more fluent and confident speech.  The PRO90D Speech System is the intelligence choice. 
How is this course structured? 
This course is designed so that you learn all of the core material in five (6) weeks.  HOWEVER, you will need to continue work the core skills through practice for at least 90 days.  During these 90 days you will experience smoother, more fluent and confident speech.  Keep in mind though, that to transform your speech so that you are using these skills automatically, you will need to use these skills continuously for around 254 days.  That's about 8.3 months or 36 weeks.  This is the amount of time research indicates that it takes to make new habits automatic, second nature, where you no longer have to think about them.  
Each week contains specific instructions on which activities to do, and how many hours you should be spending doing them.   In additional, at the end of each Section you will find a video entitled, "What to Do This Week."  This video provides you with a quick snapshot of what activities you will do that week based on all that you have learned thus far.  
It's Here! Imprint and Impress!  Your Affirmation & Visualization Power Tool Set.  
This  contain a series of downloadable audios that will help you imprint and impress a new, more constructive set of thoughts and images that are consistent with the kind of person and speaker you are becoming. 

Who this course is for:
  • People who struggle with situational stuttering or stammering.
  • People who speak super fast.
  • People who have a great fear of public speaking.
  • People who are not able to communicate clearly in high pressure situations.
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