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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Java Application Performance and Memory Management..94% off udemy coupon code

Udemy coupon................In this course we'll understand what can cause performance issues in our applications, and how to resolve them. This includes options available to us as developers at design-time - how to make good coding choices for optimal performance. We'll learn about various ways that we can configure the virtual machine to provide better performance at run-time. And we'll be diving deep into how the virtual machine manages memory, and the garbage collection process.
Java Application Performance and Memory Management

Along the way we'll be learning about the Just In Time compiler, performance testing and benchmarking, decompiling bytecode, using the GraalVM as an alternative virtual machine and more.
About Java Versions: This course is written for Java versions 8 and 11+ and you can follow along with either the version. You can use the Oracle or the OpenJDK versions. If you are using Java 7 or below, I have another course on Udemy which just covers the memory management part of this course (search for "Java memory management" to find it.)
Who this course is for:
  • Java programmers who are looking to deepen their knowledge of how the Java Virtual Machine works
  • Application developers who have a problem with a poorly performing application
  • All java developers who want to be better programmers
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