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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Practical statistics for data and business analysis.. udemy 100% free course

Free udemy course.....................Do you like jobs in Marketing analyst ?
Do you like jobs in Machine learning ?
Do you like jobs in Business analysis and business intelligence ?
Do you like jobs in data analysis and data science ?
All of these jobs above need learning statistics  .
Practical statistics for data and business analysis

Who prepared this course material ?
This course material is prepared from highly experienced engineers worked in a leader companies like Microsoft , Facebook and google .
After hard working from five months ago we created +270 Lectures/Articles to cover everything related to practical statistics .      
In no time with simple and easy way you will learn and love  statistics .
We stress in this course to make it very spontaneous to make all students love statistics . 

Who's teaching you in this course ?
My name is Mahmoud , i'm senior consultant and system analyst engineer  i worked for many projects related to expert Systems and artificial intelligence .
Also i worked as Tutor and consultant trainer with a leader international companies located in USA and UK .
I spent over five  months  of hard working to create +270 lectures/Articles  with high quality  to make allstudents enjoy and love  statistics .    
I'm sharing a lot of practical experience from my own work with you in this  course .

What is my final goal after my students enroll in this course ? 
My final goal is to make all students and engineers  love practical statistics .
My big challenge in this course is to make it professional course at the same time it should be very easy and simple for all People .
Therefore you will notice that i used a lot of  graphics and imaginary ideas to make you LOVE STATISTICS .   

What is course contents ?
  • Starting with FAQ related to interview questions in your career .
  • What is after data analysis ?
  • Descriptive statistics with collection of important quizzes and examples .
  • Normal distribution and standard normal  in details using Z table .
  • Sampling distribution with practical simulation apps and answering of important technical questions . 
  • Confidence level and Confidence interval .
  • what is t distribution ? ( with examples )
  • What is DEGREE OF FREEDOM ? ( with examples ) 
  • One tail  and two tail in Confidence level .
  • Awesome Projects and examples like :
    1. How Mr. Genie helped us to find all fishes in the sea ?
    2. Mr. Genie power versus statistics power
    3. The double edged sword of statistics
    4. Help fisherman to catch Tuna using sampling distribution
    5. Ice Cola example with student's t distribution .
    6. Estimation of goals in premier league ( using confidence interval ) .
  • One sample mean t test .
  • Two sample mean t test .
  • Null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis .
  • What is P value ?
  • How to calculate P value using manual and direct method ?
  • Two mini stories for TWO PROJECTS  related to hypothesis testing 
    1. Project one is how Sarah used "one sample mean  t test" for Ice Cola factory  to prove that her brother Ibrahim is innocent ?
    2. Project two how Sarah used "two sample mean t test" for Ice Cola factory to help her brother Ibrahim to increase Ice Cola sales in winter ?
  • ... more and more
  • .... and more and more course contents

Who this course is for:
  • People searching about jobs in data science
  • People searching about jobs in marketing analyst
  • People searching about jobs in business analysis and business intelligence
  • Business managers and business directors
  • practical statistics in data analysis
  • Anyone needs to learn statistics from beginner to advanced level .
  • Statistics for data science
  • Statistics for data analysis
  • Marketing analyst
  • AP statistics
  • Machine learning
  • beginner in business intelligence
  • data science
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Get the course

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