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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Writing your life story. Turning memories into memoir.. 80% off udemy coupon code

Udemy coupon.................How to turn your life into a book, your memoir
Turning your life into memoir is simpler than you think. In this 90 day programme, I take you on a journey through your life, helping you to decide what slice of life you will share and then editing it so that it engages with your readers.
Writing your life story. Turning memories into memoir
You don't have to have had a tough life to write a memoir, you can write yours to provide a legacy for future generations or you can just write it because you can.

You don't even have to publish it, but just imagine if you did, imagine giving your book to friends and family....
Writing your memoir gives you truth and clarity.
It can be happy, sad, funny, scary, cutting or kind, but most of all, its about you, your life and your truth - the way you see and have experienced it.
Even if you think that all you have done is gone from birth to where you are now with nothing exciting to share, I would beg to differ. I bet there is much more to your life, than you give yourself credit for.

Memoir lets you share your stories, in a way that lets others see what you went through (good or not so good), shows who you are and says 'maybe I can help you, maybe you can learn from me."
Your memoir could be your story, you could write it because you need to heal, or you can turn it into a self help book, where you provide advice to others. Whichever you choose, this course will help you to plan it, write it, edit and get it self published.
The challenge is to get started. Let me take you on a journey that will make writing your memoir as stress free and easy as possible.
Join me for the next part of your life and writing adventure
Who this course is for:
  • People who have stories they really want to share
  • Anyone who wants to share their story to help others
  • Anyone who wants to write a memoir and doesn't know where to start
  • Anyone who needs to heal through writing
  • Get the course

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