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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Python GUI Programming Using PyQt5..94% off udemy coupon code

Udemy coupon.....................Python programmers are among the highest paid developers on the planet.  Lots of programmers are trying to build an edge as Python developers in order to stand out of the crowd.
Python GUI Programming Using PyQt5

One of the best ways for you to do this is by being able to create applications in Python that are cross-platform, and have a graphical user interface (GUI).
This course will allow you to add GUI programming using PYQT5 to your box of tricks.  

PYQT is a set of bindings that enable you to use the QT toolkit.    QT was created nearly 25 years ago and is continually improved, and is one of the most popular toolkits of it's type available.   Many companies have turned to QT to bring cross platform capabilities to their applications. 
Programmers who are experienced with QT, and by extension PYQT are in high demand.
The latest version of PYQT is 5, so this course focuses on that version - PYQT5.
If you are looking to learn Python GUI programming and specifically QT and PYQT5 then this is the course for you.
Volkan Atış, your instructor is a very experienced developer, and knows Python GUI application development inside out.  He is here to pass on those skills to you.
Whats covered in the course?
Python GUI Programming using PYQT5.
Not only will you learn how to use Python to build Desktop applications, but Volkan will take you on a journey where you will also explore advanced GUI programming, creating actual Python applications, using Sqlite advanced database queries and loads more!
Key topics in the course include:-
Python GUI programming (beginner and advanced).
Python advanced GUI programming.
Python PyQt5 widgets.
Creating real Python applications.
Sqlite advanced database queries.
Python PyQt5 module widgets.

What you will learn in this course?
You will learn how to build real GUI Python programs using PYQT5 and by the end of the course will be a super productive and skilled Python PYQT5 programmer. 

Volkan Atış, your instructor is an expert Python developer so you can be assured you are learning from a true professional and learning the real-world skills you need to know to succeed.
If you are ready to get started, click on that enroll button and start taking your Python GUI skills to new levels with PYQT5.
Who this course is for:
  • If you are a beginner programmer, then this course is probably not for you. In that scenario consider taking the Python Masterclass from this channel.
  • Programmers who have a reasonable understanding of Python, and are ready to take their skills to new levels.
  • Existing Python programmers who want to build GUI applications using TkInter.
  • Get the course

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