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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Godot Getaway: The Godot Course..51% off udemy coupon code

Udemy coupon.............................Learn intermediate Godot techniques as we make an online multiplayer car game in a procedurally generated 3D city!  We'll use GDScript to make a cops-and-robbers game set to a bouncy electro-swing soundtrack using custom made assets from Blender and Ardour.
Godot Getaway: The Godot Course

In this course, we'll be focusing on making a single, large project rather than a bunch of smaller ones.  Our focus will be as much on that game development pipeline as the techniques we'll be using, and we'll simulate what it takes to make a small scale indie game from scratch.
Some of the things we'll cover include;
  • Fast 3D gameplay
  • Online multiplayer using direct connection over IP
  • Team play (cops vs robbers)
  • A procedurally generated city
  • Creating city neighbourhoods
  • Procedurally placed props (like lamp posts, traffic cones, parked cars, etc)
  • VehicleBody physics
  • Beacons that respond to the music
  • Simple player customisation that’s persistent between plays
  • A 1930's inspired aesthetic
What's Godot?
Godot is a Free and Open Source game engine that we absolutely love. Yann has already taught a popular and well reviewed course on it on Udemy and both of us really enjoy working with it. It's available on Windows, Mac and Linux, has separate 2D and 3D pipelines and is generally awesome.
The course will be written in Godot's native GDScript, which is based on python. GDScript is a dynamic language that's powerful, versatile and quick to work in.
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