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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate Program..94% off udemy coupon code

Udemy coupon............................Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching is hot!  Learn the right way to coach clients.  Get 2 Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching Programs in one!  Use our quick solution 90 minute starter session & an advanced 24 Session 6 Month Coaching Program.  All are done-for-you and ready to start using right away without having to pay a licensing fee.
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Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate Program

Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate Program is for you if you have clients who:
  • Struggle with competing priorities and feel less than good enough at any of them which is impacting every area of their life
  • Work in a career or business that demands more of their "after-work" time and they fear saying no or setting boundaries because they need the income
  • Are living a chaotic stress-filled life just to  stay one step ahead which is negatively impacting their relationship and health
  • Can’t remember the last time they enjoyed going to  work and it’s impacting their home life
  • Started a business to have more freedom but have less time and more stress
  • Secretly just want to escape to an island where no one can find them

Why Join Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate Program?
  • This is why you are here because you want to finally have a proven system to use with your clients so they can live a successful life and be their best without burning out!
  • You want a program that guides your high achieving clients to experience their full potential in their career or business but not at the cost of losing their children, spouse or health.
  • Now keep this in mind. Every piece of advice, strategy and logical approach to holistic health and wellness has been tested; none of this is theory.
  • In fact, this comprehensive course is step-by-step and gives you 2 complete coaching programs; one 90 minute starter program and one advanced.
  • You walk away with everything you need to start wellness coaching so you stop wasting time and money doing the wrong things.

What is covered in Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate Program?
  1. Develop yourself into an holistic health and wellness coach who easily connects with prospective clients who want and need your coaching; you learn the exact steps to use in the first section.  
  2. Walk away with a done-for-you assessment, including the results, that give you a tool to guide prospective clients into your 90 minute holistic health and wellness starter session.
  3. Learn a 90 minute empower program that equips you with simple yet effective strategies to use with new clients.
  4. Feel more empowered as an holistic health and wellness coach because you are given the necessary fieldwork to apply what you learn.
  5. Move your clients through a 24 session 6 month advanced session that is all timed-out and ready for you to use to help them develop an holistic balanced solution for their personal life, relationships, health, career/business, money, finances and life purpose.
  6. You learn the 10 P's of being a highly-sought after holistic health and wellness coach.

How will Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate Program Benefit You?
  • Your clients are living a stress-filled imbalanced life that is causing them to burn-out in so many ways.  They turn to unhealthy habits to keep them going which only perpetuates the cycle.  
  • You will become a results role-model as you go through the program yourself.  
  • I show you how to balance work and life and actually live with less-stress while becoming your best in every area of your life.
  • The masculine approach to health and wellness doesn't work for many of the women and men you will connect with and in this course you discover my step-by-step approach I have used with personal coaching clients.
  • When you finish the course you walk away with 2 complete programs plus done-for-you resources that make it easy for you to begin your career as an Holistic Health and Wellness Coach.
  • You also receive ongoing personal and professional development support that sets you up for success!

When Can You Take Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate Program?
What are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a comprehensive program that gives you everything that you need plus access to Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching Systems that you can use without paying any licensing fee, then look no further.
Start learning right now or take the course when it is convenient for you! The course can be accessed 24-7 from most devices with an internet connection.
Once a member of the course, you receive program updates, resources and ongoing support; NO EXTRA COST TO YOU.
REMEMBER: If you are not completely satisfied, you can get a full money back refund, so long as you request it within 30 days of purchase – No questions asked.
Click on the "Buy Now" button and start learning instantly

Who this course is for:
  • Wellness Coaches can target these clients; Teachers, Business Owners, Professionals, Career Climbers, Entrepreneurs, Home-Based Business Owners, Stay-At-Home Parents, Career Changers and People in Transition who are experiencing less success that they desire.
  • Coaches who are looking to add the niche area of holistic health and wellness coaching.
  • Get the course

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