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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Introduction to Game Localization..88% off udemy coupon code

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You’re playing your favorite game on a rainy winter afternoon. “Cool graphics! Amazing playability! Killer music! Stunning action! Wait a minute… What’s with all the spelling mistakes? That text doesn’t make sense! Who on earth translated this game!? I could’ve done a better job myself!”
Introduction to Game Localization

Engage players in the game story
Learn the basic concepts behind game localization and specialize as a game translator, linguistic tester or game localization project manager.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • Stages of the game localization processIntroduction to game internationalization, the game translation process, different review methods, the importance of linguistic testing. Examine the challenges you’ll face in each stage and decide which part of the process you’d like to work on!
  • Differences between working in-house and as a freelancerLearn how to get acquainted with the game you’ll be translating, what reference material looks like, how to report queries, and examine general rates and salaries before you establish your own. Compare pros and cons, and select your ideal lifestyle!
  • The technical aspectsGet a handle on translating texts with codes, conquer those dreaded variables and learn how not to exceed character limitations. All with real examples and plenty of practical exercises! Spend more time translating and less worrying about technical issues!
  • Translation and transcreationTranslating a game is nothing like translating software, laws or contracts. It’s actually great fun! (That’s the brotherhood’s best kept secret: you’ll get paid for doing something fascinating!). You’ll have a blast learning how to define characters by how they speak, and translating names, character descriptions and even songs and poems! Improve your creativity and let your words take players on a rollercoaster of emotions!
  • Game localization testingYou’d be amazed by the amount of errors that appear when the translated text is implemented in the game. This module teaches you to identify the main types of linguistic bugs and to write straightforward, useful and professional reports. Contribute to a successful translation by reporting bugs and improvements to polish the text until it’s perfect!
Are you ready to become a game localization professional? Then insert coin and… Let’s rock!
Who this course is for:
  • Translators looking to specialize in game localization
  • Project managers looking to expand their game localization knowledge
  • Developers looking to improve their internationalization processes and localize games
  • People who love games and languages
  • Anyone with an interest in the game industry looking to expand their job options
  • Get the course

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