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Friday, October 18, 2019

Chatfuel for Beginners: Build a Chatbot Without Coding..94% off udemy coupon code

Udemy coupon.........................Do you want to build a Facebook Messenger Chatbot without coding?
If you are looking for a bot building platform that will allow you to build Facebook Messenger chatbots however you want them, Chatfuel is the best answer. Chatfuel is used by professionals across the world for every type of business from marketing agencies, restaurants, e-commerce to tourism, real estate industries. This full course is the best way to jump right in and start building.
Chatfuel for Beginners: Build a Chatbot Without Coding

What is this Chatfuel for Beginners course all about?
In this complete guide to Chatfuel chatbot building course, you'll not only learn all of the building tools available in Chatfuel, but also how to build with the mindset of a professional chatbot creator.
By the end of this course, you'll have built a fully functional chatbot from scratch and your confidence as a chatbot creator will soar. You'll have a thorough understanding of how to use Chatfuel for fun or as a career opportunity.

This course will cover everything you need to know to start chatbot building, including:
  • Understand how Messenger Platform works
  • Familarize with Chatfuel interface
  • Store text messages sent by users
  • Send data to your email
  • Create conversational forms
  • Enable live chat with your page administrators
  • Send image, audio and video messages
  • Retrieve user's location
  • Show user's email and phone number in quick reply
  • Create a flowchart for your chatbot
  • Accept credit card payments
  • Provide navigation in Google Map
  • Train your chatbot to understand user's message
  • Randomize or limit your chatbot default response
  • Use analytics to improve your chatbot's AI
  • Audit your messages & broadcasts to avoid getting banned
  • Automate your Messenger marketing messages
  • Broadcast messages to your subscribers
  • Add a Send to Messenger button on your website
  • Place a Messenger chat window on your website
  • Auto-reply to people who comment on your Facebook post
  • 11 Ways to promote your chatbot
  • Teach your chatbot to perform calculations
  • Design a good user experience
  • And so much more!

It will never be a better time to start building chatbot than today!
While today is still the best day you can get started with building your chatbot and grow your audience, it will get harder to draw user's attention as the markets get more and more competitive. You want to start as soon as you can (like today) to take advantage of this growing market. Instead of struggling and trying to do everything yourself, just learn from someone who has already figured it out.

My promise to you
My name is Jinhoe and I'm a chatbot creator and online instructor. I'll be here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions about the course content or anything related to this topic, you can always post a question in the course or send me a direct message.
With my 30-day 100% money back guarantee, there is nothing holding you back from jumping in right now and trying the course out.
Go ahead and CLICK THE BUY NOW BUTTON, and I'll see you in lesson 1!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to create their first Facebook Messenger chatbot - no matter what level of technical skills you have.
  • You are a complete beginner who has never logged in Chatfuel (or have never learned how to use it properly).
  • You have played around with Chatfuel, but need some help becoming a more efficient chatbot builder.
  • You want to learn how to build a chatbot without coding.
  • Get the course

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