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Friday, October 25, 2019

Hive to ADVANCE Hive (Real time usage) :Hadoop querying tool..76% off udemy coupon code

Udemy coupon..........................Apache Hive is a data processing tool on Hadoop. It is a querying tool for HDFS and the syntax of it's queries is almost similar to our old SQL. Hive is an open source-software that lets programmers analyze large data sets on Hadoop.
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Hive to ADVANCE Hive (Real time usage) :Hadoop querying tool

Benefits of this course:
"Basic Hive is not sufficient if you want to work on Real-time projects.”
Make yourself prepared to work on Real time Big data and Hive projects by learning Advance Hive from this course. Enroll into this course and get end to end knowledge of Basic + ADVANCE Hive + Interview asked Use cases. This course is very rare of its kind and includes even very thin details of Hive which are not available anywhere online.
In this course you will get to understand a step by step learning of very Basic Hive to Advance Hive (which is actually used in Real-time projects) like:
  • Variables in Hive 
  • Table properties of Hive
  • Custom Input Formatter
  • Map and Bucketed Joins
  • Advance functions in Hive
  • Compression techniques in Hive 
  • Configuration settings of Hive
  • Working with Multiple tables in Hive
  • Loading Unstructured data in Hive
And many more......
This course is a full package explaining even rarely used commands and concepts in Hive. After completing this course you won't find any topic left in Hive. This course is made keeping in mind the Real Implementation of Hive in Live Projects.
Apart from this I have included 1 more section which is Use cases asked in Interviews. Usually students can answer the direct questions asked by Interviewers but got stuck on Use cases . For that I have explained the frequently asked Use cases with their proper practical working in Hive. 
Additionally ,You can download the Step Step Installation Guide (pdf) to Install Hadoop and Apache Hive
Who this course is for:
  • Student who wants to learn Basic Hive + ADVANCE HIVE (Real Project Oriented).
  • Software Engineers who wants to learn What and How Hive queries are used in Real time projects.
  • Techies who wants to get knowledge of Real-time Use cases asked in Interviews.
  • Get the course

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