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Monday, October 14, 2019

How to Crack the Consulting Case Interview..70% off udemy coupon code

Udemy coupon..........................Management consulting is a great industry to work in: companies like Bain & Company, Boston Consulting Group, and McKinsey & Company are all regularly in Glassdoor's Best Places to Work and widely regarded as some of the greatest ways to start and grow a lucrative business career.
Personal Development
How to Crack the Consulting Case Interview

In order to get that offer, your creativity and business sense will tested against the best and brightest in the consulting case interview. It's the most important interview of your career - are you ready?
Master the interview skills you need to work in management consulting
  • What consulting companies look for + resume/cover letter best practices
  • Proven approaches to market sizing and estimation problems
  • Walkthroughs of candidate-led and interviewer-led case questions
  • Structuring a case question with qualitative/quantitative frameworks
  • Summarizing a case with a final recommendation
Insider secrets: ~3 hours of content from a former Bain consultant
With 27 lectures, you'll learn everything you need to launch your career in management consulting - from getting into the interview room and securing that offer. We'll review actual cases that candidates were tested with, offers on the line - even including copies of the notes that were taken in the interview room.
This course is designed without memorization or complicated frameworks: instead, this course focuses on a systematic, proven approach that teaches you how to think - instead of what to think.
This course is perfect for an undergraduate or MBA candidate preparing for a case interview and looking for an edge over the stiff competition. At the end of this course, you'll be able to step into the interview room and tackle any case problem with confidence.
What's Inside This Course
  • An introduction to the case interview: components of the interview process, breakdown by round, and offer statistics
  • What consulting companies look for in the ideal candidate
  • Tailoring your resume and cover letter (with examples)
  • Fit questions you need to know
Market Sizing and Estimation Problems
  • Example problems and mastering the 4-step method
  • Taking effective notes, doing the math, and practicing our approach
The Case Interview
  • Structuring case questions with qualitative and quantitative frameworks
  • Pulling out insights from charts and data
  • Summarizing a case and coming up with a final recommendation
Candidate-Led Case Interviews
  • Drilling into frameworks effectively
  • Being hypothesis-driven and refining with data
Wrapping Up
  • Recommended preparation plan
  • Other recommended resources
Don't forget: if you're not satisfied with what this course has to offer, you have a guaranteed 30 days after purchase to get a full refund - no questions asked.
Who this course is for:
  • Students, especially at the undergraduate level, looking to pursue consulting as a career
  • Industry professionals looking to transition into consulting and looking for concise, effective preparation material
  • Not a guide to the industry or a "day in the life" guide - all focused on preparing you for the interview and getting you that offer
  • Get the course

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