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Saturday, October 5, 2019

The Ultimate Recipe For Taking Amazing Portraits Every Time!..87% off udemy coupon code

Udemy coupon............................In this course you will learn EVERYTHING there is to know about portraiture and how to flatter your models and clients in the best possible way! From Posing to Lighting to Storytelling: Learn our seven SPECIAL ingredients and master your photography workflow - LIKE A PRO!
The Ultimate Recipe For Taking Amazing Portraits Every Time!

WELCOME TO: "The Ultimate Recipe For Taking Amazing Portraits Every Time!" - A new tutorial in our portrait photography series!
Have you ever looked at images on Instagram or 500 pix or Flickr and wondered: "Why are these portraits so amazing?"
And not only that: Days, weeks, or even months go by... but - you can't stop thinking about these photographs!! Was it the lighting, the pose, the expression...? You can't tell….
Which ingredients made such pictures so unforgettable? Why do they "stick" in your head? And how can you amaze your clients and models in a similar way???
You keep wondering: "I have great (maybe even expensive) gear. I know my camera inside out. I know how to shoot in manual mode. I am a wizard with lighting... so - what am I missing here?" Somehow - you feel your images don't live up to their potential. Or - maybe SOMETIMES they turn out quite nicely. :-) But then other times - not so much. :-(
And you don't just wonder HOW you can achieve this "Wow" factor in your images... But:
How can you create this "WOW" factor WITH CONSISTENCY?
Could there be a specific secret? Or something like a "recipe" for great portraits? I am here to tell you: Yes, there is!

Welcome to our SPECIAL ingredients recipeThe only RECIPE you need to know to create amazing images - time after time after time!!
We all know that photography is waaaaay more complicated than "just" pressing the shutter button! There are so many things that potentially turn a photoshoot into a disaster. If you want to know how to turn struggle into success - then you are at the right place:

In this course you will learn:
  • Posing from head to toe - learn how to flatter your model in every situation
  • Learn to tell the right story for your image
  • How to brief your client and model
  • Identify your shooting style
  • Understand the "who / where / when / what and why" of your image
  • How to come up with exciting concepts
  • Find the right composition for your image
  • How to create airy exposures for dreamy images
  • Everything you need to know about flattering lighting
  • How to shape your model with shadow
  • The importance of the ambient feel of your image
  • Popular mistakes - and how to avoid them
  • Tips on the right editing
  • My biggest secret: How to flatter everybody with ONE simple trick
  • And so much more!

At the end of this course (and with a little practice) - you will cook up the most delicious portraits - like a MASTER PHOTOGRAPHY CHEF!
You will WOW your clients every time - While shooting with ease.
And most importantly: While having confidence in yourself and: While having fun!
If you want to know how to create amazing portraits...Enroll now! I am looking forward to teaching you all my tricks!
Happy Shooting! 
Who this course is for:
  • DSLR Photographers
  • Portrait Photographers
  • Photographers interested in the theory of: Storytelling, Posing, Exposure, Composition, Lighting, Post-Production
  • Get the course

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