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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Complete 2-in-1 Python for Business and Finance Bootcamp..94% off udemy coupon code

Udemy coupon.................................Hi and welcome to this Course!
This is the first ever comprehensive Python Course for Business & Finance Professionals. You will learn and master Python from Zero and the full Python Data Science Stack with real Examples and Projects taken from the Business & Finance world.   
Finance & Accounting
Complete 2-in-1 Python for Business and Finance Bootcamp

This isn´t just a coding course. You will understand and master all required theoretical concepts behind the projects and the code from scratch. You will become an expert not only in Python Coding but also in
  • Business & Finance (Time Value of Money, Capital Budgeting, Risk, Return & Correlation, Monte Carlo Simulations, Quality and Risk Management in Production and Finance, Mortgage Loans, Annuities and Retirement Planning, Portfolio Theory, Asset Pricing & Factor Models, Value-at-Risk)
  • Statistics (descriptive & inferential statistics, Confidence Intervals, Hypothesis Testing, Normal Distribution & Student´s t-Distribution, p-value, Bootstrapping Method, Monte Carlo Simulations, Normality of Returns)
  • Regression (Covariance & Correlation, Linear Regression, Multiple Regression and its pitfalls, Hypothesis Testing of Regression Coefficients, Logistic Regression, ANOVA, Dummy Variables, Links to Machine Learning, Fama-French Factor Models) 
This course follows a mutually reinforcing concept: Learning Python and Theory simultaneously
  • Learning Python is more effective when having the right context and the right examples (avoid toy examples!).
  • Learning and mastering essential theories and concepts in Business, Finance, Statistics and Regression is way easier and more effective with Python as you can simulate, visualize and dynamically explain the intuition behind theories, math and formulas. 
This course covers in-depth all relevant and commonly used Python Data Science Packages:
  • Python from the very Basics (Standard Library)
  • Numpy and Scipy for Numeric, Scientific, Financial, Statistical Coding and Simulations
  • Pandas to handle, process, clean, aggregate and manipulate Tabular (Financial) Data. You deserve more than just Excel!
  • statsmodels to perform Regression Analysis, Hypothesis Testing and ANOVA
  • Matplotlib and Seaborn for scientific Data Visualization
This course isn´t just videos:
  • Downloadable Jupyter Notebooks with thousands of lines of code
  • Downloadable PDF Files containing hundreds of slides explaining and repeating the most important concepts
  • Downloadable Jupyter Notebook with hundreds of coding exercises incl. hints and solutions
I strictly follow one simple rule in my coding courses: No code without explaining the WHY. You won´t hear comments like "...that´s the Python code, feel free to google for more background information and figure it out yourself". Your boss, your clients, your business partners and your colleges don´t accept that. Why should you ever accept this in a course that builds your career?  Even the best (coding) results have only little value, if they can´t be explained and sold to others.
I am Alexander Hagmann, Finance Professional and best-selling Instructor for (Financial) Data Science and Finance with Python. Students who completed my courses work in the largest and most popular tech and finance companies all over the world. From my own experience and having coached thousands of professionals and companies online and in-person, there is one key finding: Professionals typically start with the wrong parts of the Python Ecosystem, in the wrong context, with the wrong tone and for the wrong career path.
Do it right the first time and save time and nerves! What are you waiting for? There is no risk for you as you have a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.
Thanks and looking forward to seeing you in the Course!
Who this course is for:
  • All Business and Finance Professionals (Python is the future)
  • Python Developers / Computer Scientists who want to step into Business, Finance & Data Science Roles
  • Researchers who need to analyze large data sets and perform statistical & regression analysis
  • Everyone who want to complement/replace Excel at work to increase productivity
  • Everyone who want to get the full picture: Coding and underlying Theory (Statistics, Regression, Finance)
  • Get the course

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