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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

How to Be Assertive and Speak up with Confidence..udemy 100% free course

FREE COURSE......................... How to Be Assertive and Speak up with Confidence - 100% OFF UDEMY Do you feel STUCK in your job? Do you ever feel UNDER-APPRECIATED by your boss after working hard? Do you feel UNDER-VALUED? Do you get LESS RECOGNITION than you deserve? Most of us who dedicate our sweat and blood to companies experience those feelings. Guess what!? The problem is not you.
How to Be Assertive and Speak up with Confidence

The problem is that most managers are terrible with managing people, and most companies have bad company cultures. However there is a SECRET to make your manager get better at managing you. There is a way to get unstuck and be appreciated for your hard work. It all starts with acting and communicating ASSERTIVELY!!! That is why I am so passionate about Assertiveness. That is what this course is about. What is assertiveness? How can it help you get unstuck, receive appreciation and recognition at work? What is the definition of assertive? What does assertive mean? How to be assertive in order to have effective business communication? Assertiveness is key for effective communication, career success, authentic and low stress life. When you don't speak up, you give your power away to others, feel less confident and are exploited by others. Does this happen to you? Your boss never says thank you? You feel guilty taking time off from work? You work like crazy and never get a raise? They take advantage of you at work? You feel overwhelmed with too much work!? You are quiet in situations where you wish you had said something? You keep ruminating and replaying responses over and over in your mind? You afraid of sounding mean, aggressive or rude when you stand up for yourself? They don’t notice you? You find it hard to ask for what you want? You are in the right place. Speaking up was a challenge for me for many years. Assertiveness was the answer to my biggest problems and it changed my life. I've done extensive research to learn and apply assertiveness into my life. Now I want to help you learn it. This is what you will accomplish in this course: Learn what assertiveness is Create a plan to reduce stress Identify your emotional and work challenges related to speaking up Recognize 4 communication styles, their strengths and weaknesses Spot manipulation Recognize the feelings, thinking, speaking and body language of assertive communication In addition, this course will help you learn more about your personal challenges and preferences through many self-discovery activities. By the end of the course, you will: Feel more confident to stand up for yourself through assertive communication Feel in control of your career Better manage your thoughts and emotions I will also support you by answering any relevant question you may have about the course, because my mission is to help you become more assertive! Enroll now! I look forward to seeing you in the course!

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