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Sunday, December 22, 2019

M&A Theory and Process: A Complete Guide..76% off udemy coupon code

Udemy coupon..........................About this Course
M&A Theory and Process: A Complete Guide covers the theoretical parts of Become an M&A Analyst: The Complete Skillset series. 
M&A Theory and Process: A Complete Guide

This course offers 22 lectures across 2 sections where mergers and acquisitions and the complete process of a proper M&A deal is explained with 2.5 hours of extensive video content. 
In M&A theory part, we will be covering all the key concepts about mergers and acquisitions by going through some real life examples and case studies.
In M&A Process part, we will be covering all the key points in a proper M&A deal and all the necessary steps to run a successful M&A process with a focus on analyst/associate level tasks and responsibilities.
There is also 17 quiz questions.
What should you expect from this course?
Students/Career Changers
  • You will understand the concept of mergers and acquisitons and be ready to talk in analyst /associate level M&A interviews with confidence
  • You will became very familiar with a real, proper M&A process and learn all necessary steps with every single document executed each stage of a deal
Business Owners/ Entrepreneurs
  • You will get an in-depth knowledge about what it really means to buy or sell a business / asset and how it is actually executed
Who this course is for:
  • Ambitious undergraduate and masters students - regardless of their major - who want to pursue a career in investment banking / M&A advisory
  • Company executives / owners / entrepreneurs who want to learn about corporate finance and M&A process
  • Get the course

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