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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Python and NLTK..udemy 100% free course

Free udemy course............................Natural Language Processing or NLP is a very popular field and has lots of applications in our daily life. From typing a message to auto-classification of mails as Spam or not-spam NLP is everywhere.
NLP is a field concerned with the ability of a computer to understand, analyze, manipulate and potentially generate human language. In this course we study about NLP and use the NLP toolkit or NLTK in Python.
Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Python and NLTK

The course contains following:
  • Introduction to NLP and NLTK
  • NLP Pipeline
  • Reading raw data
  • Cleaning and Pre-processing
  • Tokenization
  • Vectorization
  • Feature Engineering
  • Training ML Algorithm for Classifying Spam and non-spam messages
This course would be very useful for Applied Machine Learning Scientists and Data Scientists who are working on NLP/NLU.
Who this course is for:
  • Data scientists, Applied Machine Learning engineers and Software engineers.
  • Get the course

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