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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Drone Flying 101: A beginner's guide for drone enthusiasts..60% off udemy coupon code

Udemy coupon..................................Flying your drone for the first time can be intimidating for beginners. Am I going to crash? How does the remote control work? How high and how far can I fly? Can I fly at the Grand Canyon? Am I allowed to fly over people? Can I get paid to fly my drone? How do I take cool pictures or cool videos? 
Drone Flying 101: A beginner's guide for drone enthusiasts

If you've ever asked any of these questions, this course is perfect for you. As an aviator of 15 years (Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor), Aeronautical University Professor, and as the author of the Best Selling course on how to become an FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot (Commercial license for drones), I will take you through all the necessary steps to complete your first flight successfully. As a future aviator, starting your "career" with good habits is critical.
This course covers the following topics: 
  • Your drone: including the different components, accessories, and best practices.
  • Basic Regulation: I cover everything you need to know about FAA regulation for hobbyists with several short and easy-to-understand videos.
  • Airspace: probably the most important and yet most misunderstood area in aviation. I show you how to find airspace information and how to identify the airspace in which you are about to fly, as well as how to request approval if it's necessary.
  • Weather Information: knowing about the weather can be the difference between a successful flight and a crash. I teach you the basics of meteorology and how to find aviation weather information.
  • Your first flight: I show you how to safely complete your first flight, including how to pick a safe area, how to complete a preflight inspection, how to take off, maneuver, and land.
  • Basic Photography and Videography: in the last two chapters, I cover the basic principles of photography and videography, including aperture, shutter speed, ISO, capture modes (A, S, M), frame rate, HDR, ND filters, and many more. This section will help you take your story-telling skills to the next level.
I have spent my entire life in flight training. I enjoy teaching and sharing my passion. See what other students are saying about my courses: 
★★★★★ My attention and focus was hooked from the very beginning.
★★★★★ Absolutely amazing, Greg is very experienced and is an excellent teacher. 
★★★★★ I have little knowledge about aviation and airspace but the lessons are well structured and right to the point.
★★★★★ This is a perfect course and I like the professionalism of the instructor. He is well organized and very knowledgeable.
★★★★★ After taking this course I finally felt confident that I would be able to pass the exam on the first try, and I passed it, as expected. The information provided in this course is clear, concise, and thorough. The material is presented professionally and in a visually clear and appealing manner.

Who this course is for:
  • Novice drone pilots looking to know more about regulation, airspace and basic drone flying skills.
  • Anyone who just purchased a new drone and wants to safely and legally enjoy their new hobby.
  • Anyone waiting to receive their first drone and looking to get information to “hit the ground” running.
  • If you are already experienced and know about airspace and regulation, this course will NOT be challenging.
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