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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Art of Finding Light: Photography for the artist in you..40% off udemy coupon code

Udemy coupon................................Have you ever heard a photographer say, “Oh the light there is perfect,” and not understood what they meant? Do you feel like you have trouble finding good lighting while you are out with a camera?
The Art of Finding Light: Photography for the artist in you

Spotting great lighting is not a gift, it is Skill. It is a learned art, one that artists like Caravaggio used to become one of the greatest artists of the Baroque era. From generation to generation every famous photographer of the 20th century used these techniques, which can be found on the covers of Vogue to National Geographic. Claude Monet and Michelangelo did not “hope” for good lighting, they knew exactly where to find and now, you will know where to look too!
This course looks at finding light, anytime, anywhere in the world. Whether you are on the streets in Berlin or inside of your friend’s home...creating pictures that glow is something that you can practice and master be knowing where to look. This is a comprehensive solution to lighting that does not rely on “post production” or “expensive equipment” to make great photographs.
A Room for Improvement is the first photography program that starts training your most important tool, Your Eyes. While most of the photography world is obsessed with gear and post production, the real secret to taking amazing images is learning how to see like an artist. Join artist & photographer Adam Marelli as he shares the tools, lessons, and training that classical artist use to bring images to life. As a trained photographer, painter, and sculptor Marelli combines twenty years of art eduction into simple to follow lessons that you can do in your own backyard.
  • This course is divided into 8 lectures that are a Master Class in Finding Light.
  • Lecture 1: What did we learn from The Art of Figure to Ground.
  • Lecture 2: Studying teeth will not reveal the mystery of a smile.
  • Lecture 3: Three types of artistic light.
  • Lecture 4: How Caravaggio used the streets of Rome to light his paintings.
  • Lecture 5: How to practice on your own.
  • Lecture 6: How Claude Monet used a church to find the best light.
  • Lecture 7: Why Vermeer always had perfect light.
  • Lecture 8: The Assignment.
  • The lectures are designed to be watched in order, but you are free to skip around if you like.
  • Each course is approximately 45 minutes, with downloadable images from the lecture, and an assignment designed to highlight the tools from each lecture.
Marelli uses his own work and the famous artists who influenced his work to reveal "how artists work" and "how they learned to see in a completely unique way." For centuries these concepts were reserved for artist guilds and apprenticeships, but for the first time they are being put in a language available to photographers.
By the end of this program, you will understand why photographers always say that "the equipment doesn't matter." Learning to see like an artist is one of the single most fulfilling steps on the way to becoming a better photographer. In addition to improving your own work, you will be able to walk into any gallery or museum in the world and know, with full certainty, whether you are looking at a great piece of art or not.
Who this course is for:
  • We will focus on Natural Lighting, without any flashes, strobes, or reflectors.
  • An interest in understanding how artists and photographers find light.
  • What it means to have "good lighting" and what to look for and what to avoid so your pictures are not blown out and over exposed.
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