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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

All You Need to Know About ServiceNow Development (New York)..86% off udemy coupon code

Udemy coupon..................................This training course is for ServiceNow Development. With a duration of around 8 hours, split into 11 sections, the course covers the topics which are required for developing the ServiceNow platform.
For the instructions in this training course, the latest New York Version of ServiceNow instance is used and whole training will be in the latest UI 16. Some part of the course is recorded in Madrid version
All You Need to Know About ServiceNow Development (New York)

This course contains close to 8 hours of training videos. The last section deals with the creation of custom applications based on requirements. In this section, we will be doing a Hands-on session in the ServiceNow system.
A real-time hands-on experience would give us more grip on the ServiceNow system rather than just going through fancy slides. That's the reason I focused on the content-oriented training course.
Please understand that this is an Intermediate Level Course. You should have some knowledge already on the ServiceNow Admin concepts. In addition to that, knowledge of any coding language is required to understand the course, as we are going to deal with the scripting part while configuring. Basic knowledge of Javascript is recommended.
We will be talking on many key scripting items in this ServiceNow Developer course.
Below are the key items which we would be covering;
  • Working in Application Studio for developing custom applications in ServiceNow
  • Directions on which configuration should be used - like Business rule or Client Script or UI Action, etc
  • Configuring Scripted Scheduled Jobs which run on a specified time period
  • Creating basic reports in ServiceNow platform
  • Good understanding of Server and Client APIs like GlideSystem, Glide Record, Glide Form, Glide Ajax, Glide User, etc
  • Making a column unique in a table
  • Useful methods in Out of The Box APIs
  • Setting ACL restrictions on tables and records in ServiceNow
This course would also help you to get closer to the concepts required for ServiceNow Application Developer certification

I always believe in student satisfaction, if you have any question on ServiceNow, feel free to post your question in the Q&A section, I will respond :)
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