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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Discovering Success for International Leadership | 100% free skillshare course

Do you want to unlock the secrets to successful international leadership skills in the contemporary, fast changing world?

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Discovering Success for International Leadership | 100% free skillshare course

Whether you want to be a great social media influencerentrepreneur, or just a person who wants to leave a mark on this planet regardless of your sphere of interest - then this course is for you!
Join Paul Widerski for a new perspective on leadership from an international background. 
Whether you’re looking forward to making a big change or just starting to consider your next step, you’ll learn what does it mean to be a leader and how to approach this concept from a multi-cultural perspective. 
During the course of this class we want to learn about you and your way of looking at different areas related to the main topic through a set of writing assignments, which in turn will help you discover the tips, tools, and techniques that will lead you to your success in leadership.
Core lessons include the following:
  • Defining Leadership
  • Are You a Leader?
  • Talented Leadership
  • Synergy
  • Success Stories and Case Studies in Leadership
The world is changing.
These lessons will set you up for success, help you make your next step, and explore this topic from a different perspective. 


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