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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Focus: How to Double Your Focus And Decrease Distractions|100% skillshare course

Hi it's Bryan Bolt.
In this video you'll learn how you can double your focus, double your productivity and drastically decrease distractions in just 6 days.
Focus: How to Double Your Focus And Decrease Distractions|100% skillshare course

Okay, so have you ever struggled with staying focused?
Do you often find yourself overwhelmed by your work and all your to-do lists?
Does your mind and attention often wander off, to new, seemingly more exciting things, like checking your email, your Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn notifications?
Do you frequently get distracted when you're working?
Learning how to improve your focus is perhaps the most important, critical thing you will ever do in your life. Period.
Al Ries, the author of the book ''Positioning'' says that we live in the worlds first
over-communicated society.
With the growth of smartphones, instant text messaging and the Internet bringing email, Social Networking and thousands of new web pages and videos every day, we are now a constantly distracted society.
That could never be more true.
And yet, that statement was made in 1980.
Long before the Internet, the iPhone, Youtube, Google and Facebook.
Let that sink in.
Distractions are growing exponentially and every day more and more people are looking for ways to free up their attention and focus and improving their productivity.
If you’re watching this right now, then you probably want to increase your focus and get rid off those annoying distractions already.
Wake Up Focused will help you do it.
Inside this course, you'll learn the very best ideas, concepts and techniques for increasing your focus and productivity and efficiency, that I’ve learned and developed in the last 8 years.
You'll also get a series of 6 video trainings to watch over the next 6 days.

During this period, we’re going to focus on adding powerful new focus tools to your life, so you wake up and AUTOMATICALLY start your day focused.
If you struggle with staying focused and you easily get distracted at work and at home, then I highly recommend you join me in Wake Up Focused, my most advanced productivity training program.
This course has the single purpose of YOU waking up in 6 days at least TWICE as focused and productive as you are right now.
Okay, so watch the introduction, come back for session number one:
''Clearing Your Mental Clutter'', and do ALL the exercises that I'll give you.
It will make a huge difference in your life.

Alright, see you inside.

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