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Sunday, April 26, 2020

AWS Machine Learning Certification Exam|2020 Complete Guide..92% off udemy coupon code

Udemy coupon.......................................Update 01/02/2020: Section #13 on Machine Learning Implementation and Operations is released.
AWS Machine Learning Certification Exam|2020 Complete Guide

Machine and Deep Learning are the hottest tech fields to master right now! Machine/Deep Learning techniques are widely adopted in many fields such as banking, healthcare, transportation and technology. Amazon has recently introduced the AWS machine Learning Certification Speciality exam and its quite challenging! AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty is targeted at data scientists and developers who design, train and deploy AI/ML models to solve real-world challenging problems.
The bad news: this exam is a very challenging AWS exam since it tests the candidate’s knowledge on multiple aspects such as (1) Data Engineering and Feature Engineering, (2) AI/ML Models selection, (3) Appropriate AWS services solution to solve business problem, (4) AI/ML models building, training, and deployment, (5) Model optimization and Hyperparameters tuning. You need to answer these questions in order to pass the exam:
How to select proper ML technique to solve a given business problem?
Which AWS service could work best for a given problem?
How to design, implement and scale secure ML solutions?
How to choose the most cost-effective solution?
The good news: With over 500+ slides and over 50 practice questions, this course is by far the most comprehensive course on the market that provides students with the foundational knowledge to pass the AWS Machine Learning Certification exam like a pro! This course covers the most important concepts without any fillers or irrelevant information.
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