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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Enterprise Risk Management..93% off udemy coupon code

Udemy coupon.................................This course teaches the concepts of Risk Management in a simple to understand language. In addition to the basic definition and fundamental concepts related to Risk Management, this course also teaches how to implement Risk Management in an organization.
Enterprise Risk Management

Five steps of managing risk include:  Planning for Risk Management, Identifying Risks, Analyzing Risks, Planning Risk Response and Implementing, and Monitoring and Controlling Risks.
Identified risks are recorded in the risk register. These risks are analyzed using quantitative or qualitative techniques. One qualitative technique which is commonly used in Probability and Impact Matrix. I have explained this easy to use in detail in this course. 
I have also included a template of Risk Register, which can help you getting started with the implementation of Risk Management in your organization.
Risks could be negative or positive (opportunity). What are the approaches to address positive and negative risks?
ISO 9001:2015 requires Risk-Based Thinking to be applied to all processes.
Who this course is for:
  • This course is intended for people who are new to risk management.
  • ISO 9001 2015 is introducing the concept of Risk Based Thinking. This has created an interest in Risk Management especially amonst senior management, quality managers and people associated with quality management.
  • The concept explained in this course are applicable to any industry or area
  • Employees in financial, medical, technology, research, military, insurance or other industries subjected to risk.
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