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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Forex from Beginner to Advanced level | 100% free skillshare course

You can expect everything from A - Z about FOREX in my class. I will teach from beginner level to advanced levels of knowledge. If you are looking for explanation about pip, spread, time period, leverage, risk reward ratio, macd indicator, moving average, institutional traders vs retail traders, Liquidity, Stop hunt, daily star, Gap, Market manipulation and other trading styles such as position trading, scalping, swing trading then this course is for you.
In this course i have prepared program for any level of traders who are looking to analyze markets at one glance.
The skills you will learn:
  • Analyzing how institutional vs retail traders moving
  • Spotting liquid area on charts
  • Knowledge of economic calendar and preparation
  • Knowing when will the big spikes will occur
  • You will be able to tell where will people place their stop loss and pending orders
  • When and where will the stop hunt or market manipulation will occur
Also i will prepare your psychology or mindset before trading. In other words you will learn the things i have learned in my three years of trading experience.

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