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Thursday, April 23, 2020

How to make a digital planner| 100% skillshare course

join me as I jump (not fall) down the rabbit hole of digital planning, bullet journaling, digital note-taking.  
How to make a digital planner| 100% skillshare course

In this class I will share with you all of my knowledge about making your very own digital planner (or 10 if you're like me).  You will learn to make your notebook from front to back, and I will take it a step further and teach you how to link your tabs so when you tap on them they take you to where you wanna go in your planner, bullet journal, digital sketchbook (really whatever you wanna call it).  Here I also included a few pages to get you started.  You can find my dot grid paper, lined paper, and calendar page in the class project section, just download and follow along as I show you step by step how to use them.  Still not understanding ... just leave a comment and I will get back to you and make sure that you're understanding perfectly. 
To take this class you will need: 


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