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Saturday, April 11, 2020

The Ultimate Photography Course For Beginners..94% off udemy coupon code

Udemy coupon.................................."This course is exactly what I was looking for! Other courses were geared for beginners without a serious interest in learning about photography. This course is designed for the smarter learner and the examples provided are quite helpful. A great buy!" –Vinay Raval 
The Ultimate Photography Course For Beginners

"Jellis Vaes is a way better instructor than any other instructor on photography. i am actually getting what the exposure triangle means. no other instructor explains it better than he does. thank you Jellis for making this video!!!!!! Can't wait to watch the rest of it! :D" – Jane Courtois   
"This is one of the very best entry-level courses I have seen. The information is complete, accurate and presented in a style that makes it easy to learn. Clear examples and illustrations are used through out the course which aides and enhances understanding. I am confident that Jellis Vaes is a great photographer, but I am convinced that he is a great teacher. If you are just starting out in photography, start out here." – David Bowman   
"Awesome course, learnt so much as a newbie. Really enjoyed it as well! Will be re watching and taking even more notes down now!" – Matthew Masters
“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” - Ansel Adams
ANYONE can learn to make incredible photographs!   
Hey there, this is Jellis Vaes a professional travel and adventure photographer and I am excited to have you here! If you are looking to master your photography, then you have landed at the right place. Together you and I are going on an adventure into the world of photography.
Along this fun filled and inspirational journey you will come to master your camera. As well as learning all the essentials we will also dive into various composition techniques, the process of work flow and touch upon the basics of post processing to make your photos really look incredible.
This course is cut right down to the real essentials – the nuts and bolts of what you need to take your photos, and photography, to the next level. Everything is explained in a simple one on one conversation, using examples of my own photos, as well as illustrations to make it all very clear and straightforward.
If at any point you do feel you need a little extra help however, I am always here for you. We are in this together and I will do my absolute best to assist you with any questions you may have, and with the course in general.   
Having said all that, I hope you are ready, as I’ve got my camera in hands already. So pick up yours, and let’s get started!
An honest review and rating is always appreciated and will help me to make any necessary improvements for the course, as well helping to get more people involved so they too can benefit from the beauty of photography. Many thanks!
You can browse the class attachments for the illustrations that I specifically made for this course. Use them to act as a reminder on certain aspects of using your camera and for your photography.
Please note, these illustrations are my creations and do belong to me, any further publishing without my permission is not allowed.
The Ultimate Post-Processing & Editing Course for Beginners
Continue your journey with my second photography course, The Ultimate Post-Processing & Editing Course for Beginners. Here you will learn the other half that goes to makes up the whole that is photography. Explore all the tools and techniques Lightroom and Photoshop have to offer and how to get them to work for you.
Together we will enable you to turn your okay looking photos into objects of stunning drama and beauty. A very fun, engaging and in-depth course that will take your photography to the next level. And beyond.

Specialization Course in Travel Photography with Jellis Vaes
Take the knowledge you have learned in our beginner’s course and continue your journey with this specialization course in travel & adventure photography.
In this exciting, visually stunning and engaging course, I will take you on a true adventure and teach you the many ins and outs of this most thrilling field in photography.
Learn the ins and outs of how to take dramatic and epic photos that capture a feeling, what a good travel and adventure photography kit contains, how to keep yourself and your equipment safe while on the road, what to look for in a quality photography bag, essential accessories to take along, how to earn money with travel and adventure photography, the best way to back up your photos when traveling or out on an adventure, various pro tricks and tips, and so much more!
Who this course is for:
  • What is the target audience? Simple. Do you want to discover the art and philosophy of photography, and take your skills and techniques to the next level? If the answer to that is yes, then this course is for you.
  • Get the course

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