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Monday, May 4, 2020

Beginner to Pro in PowerPoint: Complete PowerPoint Training..91% off udemy coupon code

Udemy coupon......................................** Complete PowerPoint training: Basic PowerPoint features, Slide design, Business presentation preparation, and more! **
Updated for: April 2020
Beginner to Pro in PowerPoint: Complete PowerPoint Training

Are you about to graduate from university and start looking for your first job?
Are you a young professional who wants to establish themselves at their new position?
Would you like to become your team's go-to person when it comes to creating important PowerPoint presentations?
If so, then this is the right course for you!
It certainly pays off to be able to create great-looking PowerPoint presentations from scratch:
  • Everyone will want to work with you
  • You will quickly make a good and lasting impression at work
  • Your work will be judged much more favorably
The instructor of the course has extensive experience with PowerPoint. His slides have been in front of some of the most influential executives in Europe. Learn how to organize your presentations in a professional manner, exactly like employees of Fortune100 companies do.
Beginner to Pro in PowerPoint: Complete PowerPoint Training is THE ONLY course that will teach you how to prepare professional business presentations that are identical to the ones that are delivered by major investment banks and consulting firms. It's a one-stop-shop for everything you need in order to create sophisticated presentations.
In the first part of the course, we will cover PowerPoint's basic tools. This makes the course appropriate for beginners and inexperienced users. Once we have done that, we will explore some advanced features, which are often neglected by average users. The third part of the course is a case study. We will go through the entire thought process that is necessary to create a well-structured company presentation. And then, we'll create the actual presentation. You will gain first-hand experience on how to design great-looking PowerPoint slides!
Get excited! This course is an opportunity to beat the learning curve and stand out from the crowd.
Here's what you get with Beginner to Pro in PowerPoint: Complete PowerPoint Training:
  • An Introduction to PowerPoint's basic tools
  • Advanced PowerPoint features that will allow you to stand out
  • The Kinemax (a company operating in the cinema sector) Case Study: a complete company presentation built from scratch
  • Over 200 pages of supporting PDF materials
In addition to that you will receive:
  • Personal contact with the course tutor
  • Life-time access to all course materials, including future updates
  • A PDF file containing maps and shapes, which are not native to PowerPoint
  • Well organized materials that will have an instant impact on your work
By taking this course you will have every chance to:
  • Be confirmed after an internship
  • Secure a promotion
  • Establish yourself within your team
  • Impress your clients
As always, you have nothing to lose, because the course comes with a complete 30 days money-back-in-full Udemy guarantee. In case you don't like the course, you click one button and you will be refunded immediately (no questions asked). Simple as that.
Take the course now and become a true PowerPoint professional!
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