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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Programmatic Advertising 101 - Digital Marketing | 100% FREE SKILLSHARE COURSE

Programmatic is getting more important over the past years. The programmatic spendings in the U.S. went from $31B in 2017 to approx. $81B in 2021! Thats more than a 100% increase. These numbers show the increasing importance of programmatic.
With advancing technology we are now able to get the best out of our media campaigns.
And since programmatic is getting more important and of course more complex, it is time to learn and use it. The trend is not stopping.
Do you want to learn Programmatic advertising? Do you want to use it within your media strategy? Do you want to reach more customers while spending less? To reduce your scatter loss and reach only customers that are relevant to you?
In this course, I will teach you not only what Programmatic means technically, but also what the programmatic thought and strategy is. What to think about when setting up a campaign and which data to use. Also I will teach you what data and targetings actually are and how you can use them to optimizie your campaigns.
Programmatic seems like a very complex topic, but we will break it down to some simple steps, so that everybody can understand programmatic.
Digital Marketing,
Programmatic Advertising 101 - Digital Marketing | 100% FREE SKILLSHARE COURSE

By taking this course you will learn from a German award-winning media consultant. I want you to learn and understand programmatic to boost up your knowledge and your career.
Does Germany not stand for quality? Well let's find out!
This is what you will learn:
What is Programmatic Advertising?
  • Definition of Programmatic and history of Advertising - What is Programmatic and where does it come from?
  • Definition 2.0 and strategic goals - What does Programmatic mean in this context and how to use it properly.
How does Programmatic work?
  • A technical approach - How does Programmatic work technically? What are the single process steps?
  • About DSPs and SSPs - What does a DSP and how to use it? And what are publishers and vendors offering through an SSP?
  • Programmatic and RTB - What is the difference between Programmatic and RTB? The terms are often mixed up but are actually different things. A story of buying process and buying types.
Data, Data, Data
  • An Introduction to Data and Data signals - What is data and what data traces are leaving in the internet?
  • Targeting - How to use these data signals as targetings to reach our wanted audience?
  • How is data even collected - How is data collected? An introduction to the generation and use of data.
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data - In this module we'll discuss the quality and origin of different data types. Data is not always data and not all data fits our goals.
Optimizing your strategy
  • Defining your needs - Data combination - How to combine data into targetings to fit into our programmatic strategy. To always reach the right person with the right message.
  • Which DSP to use? - Based on the technical process of programmatic and the evaluation of 'good' data for us, we can now choose a DSP for our campaign.
  • Bigger Picture and Wrap Up - A short course wrap-up. What's programmatic and how do all topics find together in one overall programmatic strategy?
WIth this course you will not only boost up your knowledge of programmatic but are also able to boost up your career and your media campaigns and in the end - get much more reach and sales for your brand!
So lean in and let the journey begin!
Have fun!


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