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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Smartphone Video For Beginners - iPhone Filmmaking Course..92% off udemy coupon code

Udemy coupon.....................................May 2020 Smartphone Video Refresh.
UPDATE: iPhone and Android videography refresh! 
Smartphone Video For Beginners - iPhone Filmmaking Course

"All is covered for minimalist filmmaking, and not only iPhone. Android is pretty well covered here. The course is very detailed, with examples, names of brand, prices. All kind of situations are covered: outdoor, studio, interview... name it. Also all about sound and light is detailed, with hardware options. I feel really it's worth the price, bravo!" 
Elvin Eldria ★★★★★ 

This masterclass includes many projects and video exercises to quickly build your skills and confidence.  

The tutorials and projects are carefully delivered in a proven sequence that has resulted in thousands of satisfied students.

This top course is always kept up-to-date with fresh tutorials for learning smartphone video storytelling.

“Thoroughly informative and very enjoyable. Answered the many questions that I had. I would highly recommend this course to any one starting out.” Mike Hardley ★★★★★ 

This is the masterclass that is frequently shown on Udemy as a Best-selling course.

"This course by Robb Montgomery is packed with rich content and information on how to create videos. Each lecture provided instructional materials and tools to help you make video production easy. This is a course not to be missed. " 
Jane Lee ★★★★★ 

The refreshed course now includes :
  • Several video editing tutorials for Android users.
  • The art of filming creative shots
  • New case studies and behind the scenes tutorials
  • New video project exercises!
This course teaches the video fundamentals and how to make great video story with any smartphone. The instructor shows examples shot with the latest models of phones, but also includes tutorials that feature older models. This is intentional.
If you are specifically looking for tutorials that feature the iPhone Pro Max, or deep-dives into LumaFusion and Filmic apps, then you may prefer these two courses: "iPhone Filmmaking: Travel Video & iPhone Photo & Videography," and "iPhone Filmmaking for Beginners: Filmic Pro & LumaFusion app."

This masterclass in filmmaking is designed to teach the evergreen techniques.
The method for learning the language of video and filmmaking storytelling.
You will be able to learn  the art of filmmaking with any smartphone that you happen to own.

"Once I started the course, I could not quit until I had completed it. Each segment was interesting, informative, creatively presented and edited with precision. I loved the course and learned a lot from it."
Randy Hendricks ★★★★★ 

The instructor has won 21 international film festivals with documentaries shot with an iPhone 6S+.
That is validation that the techniques shown here work in the real world.

"Wow! Great content! One of the best courses I have taken!" 
Danny Sparks ★★★★★ 

We know people hang on to older models of smartphones and also many people can not afford the latest model every year.
You will see  humble Samsungs and iPhones used in many of the tutorials in this course and that is intentional. The key thrust of this masterclass is to help people learn that the 'music is not in the violin.'

“This course is perfect for beginners like myself. Great tips and useful tools to help me create quality videos.”
Carlos Montelongo  ★★★★★ 

Learn the art of filmmaking with just enough technical detail to get the best quality results.
No previous experience is required.

"Robb's teaching style is very engaging and he does a great job of presenting the material in a easy-to-learn manner." 
Daniel Clifton ★★★★★ 

The learning modules in this course progress from making simple camera settings to advanced multi-track video editing.  
Pro filmmaker and journalism professor Robb Montgomery uses real-world examples to show you how to create compelling video stories with just your iPhone.

Read the hundreds of five-star review comments.

In this course you will learn how to:
  • Film and edit video on the smartphone
  • Make short films and documentaries
  • Plan and produce short form video
  • Turn your phone into a pro video camera
  • Substantially increase the quality of your videos

Enroll now and get started today!
Who this course is for:
  • Learn smartphone video and filmmaking techniques using the camera you already have with you.
  • This course is suited for communications professionals, media instructors and communications students.
  • Media organizations use this course to train journalists, correspondents, and reporters in video production techniques.
  • Social media professionals can learn the techniques to produce social video.
  • Journalism professors are assigning this course to students who are taking multimedia and video courses.
  • Teachers are taking this course to learn techniques for using video in the classroom.
  • Broadcast producers are using this course to train staff on video production essentials.
  • Freelancers are using this course to earn extra money by making video with their iPhone.
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  • Get the course

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