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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Watercolor: Basic Techniques | 100% free skillshare course

Watercolor: Basic Techniques | 100% free skillshare course a530c271

The contents of this class are also found in my Watercolor Florals: Orchids class (so part of the content of that class will be duplicated if you take both).  I wanted to make the first part of the class available for everyone for free, since it explains the basic techniques that I use to paint my watercolors. The Watercolor Florals: Orchids and Watercolors for Illustrators include these basic techniques and much more!
In this class I cover some basic techniques that will help you get started with watercolors. You will learn simple ways of creating shadows and highlight, adding textures and my tips on how to gain brush control so that you can make more precise lines. 


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