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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Behavioral Economics and Neuromarketing..93% off udemy coupon code

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  • How do people decide what to buy in supermarkets?
  • Why do luxury car brands give TV advertising?
  • How can you get honest information from your users in an online survey?
Behavioral Economics and Neuromarketing

In this course you will learn different theories on how to affect the decision making flows of consumers in the way we want them to decide. You will learn psychological backgrounds of these behaviours and real life examples proving these behavioural rules. You will also learn how to structure your own experiments and run A/B tests to make critical decisions about your products.
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"Amazing course! short, crisp & highly insightful." Marwah K.
"This has by far been my favorite marketing course! Great Job!" Lindsay H.
"I'm aware of the influence advertising has on us all therefore, the more I realise this the more I want to know how this is done and why we just, can't help ourselves! Great examples, that give a clear understanding of the practices used to 'nudge' us into our purchasing decisions. " Sabrina C.
This course is suitable for professionals such as; entrepreneurs, product managers, marketing specialists, campaign managers, pricing experts, service designers and user experience experts or; for anyone who wants to make more logical decisions about their decisions in life.
The topics we will cover in this course are;
  1. An introduction to consumer behavior and human biases
  2. Scent Marketing
  3. Power of Sound in Purchase Behaviour
  4. Anchoring, Decoy Effect
  5. Status Quo, Goal Gradient Effect
  6. How to name,display and price your products
  7. Framing, Decision point intercepts, Planning Fallacy
  8. Mental Accounting, Sunk Cost Effect, Choice Overload
  9. How to structure your own experiments and Nudge Samples
  10. Psychological Tricks To Make People Like You
This course will have a big impact in your professional career as well as your personal life.
Who this course is for:
  • This course is suitable for entrepreneurs, product managers, marketing specialists, campaign managers, pricing experts and user experience experts.
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