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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Complete, practical SDN and OpenFlow Fundamentals: over 8hrs..45% off udemy coupon code

Udemy coupon..........................................A practical, hands-on, real world approach to learning and implementing SDN and OpenFlow.
IT & Software
Complete, practical SDN and OpenFlow Fundamentals: over 8hrs

See SDN and OpenFlow in action. Learn SDN and OpenFlow practically. You can set up everything shown here on your laptop using free or demo software.
Learn all tiers of the SDN Architecture:
* Applications - Wireshark, Bash scripts, FlowMaker, HP Network Protector, HP Network Visualizer
* Controllers - Learn OpenDaylight (ODL), ONOS, RYU and the HP VAN SDN Controllers.
* OpenFlow Infrastructure - Mininet switches (Open vSwitch)
Capture OpenFlow messages using both Linux and Windows based Wireshark.
Technical content:
No sales hype, no fluff. Just technical content.
Real world SDN examples:
* The NSA
* Google
* Microsoft Azure
* Facebook
* Microsoft Linux
Update 10 November 2015:
Based on feedback, additional videos discussing the installation of apps on the HP controller have been added:
* Install HP Controller
* Troubleshoot browser issues
* Install FlowMaker on HP Controller
* Troubleshoot app install issues
Update 25 October 2015:
Additional videos added to the course discussing:
* Do you need to replace switches to use SDN?
* Do you need to run OpenFlow everywhere in your network?
* How does OpenFlow and Spanning Tree interact?
* Does a single controller manage the entire network?
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