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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Strategic Communication | 100% free udemy coupon code

This course will cover strategic communication process, planning, key parts of the planning and advice, tips for success.  It will have examples of real-life situations from successful actions and situations where strategic communication has failed.  You will learn how to make your message clear and how to meet communication objectives. Strategic communication significantly affects to success of all organizations.

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Strategic Communication | 100% free udemy coupon code

This course covers five step process for successful strategic communication. In this process you have to recognize audience, decide goals and objectives, develop key messages and tactical plan and later how the success is evaluated and by which key performance indicators. First of all make objectives clear to all involved people. Decide what's the most important message to make your communication strategic. You will need a clear mission to start from the beginning.

To start your strategic communication from day one, you will need to learn tools
  1. Linear Responsibility Chart
  2. AIDA Approach
  3. SWOT Analysis and
  4. Balanced Scorecard.
These are first tools to learn and there will be also examples of usage including templates ready to use. Learn them clearly in this course and become successful strategic communicator.

Don't forget to evaluate your results. In this course you will learn how to setup KPIs that really make the difference. You will also gain understanding of setting a benchmark, enhance the evaluation process. Later you will understand why feedback is important to reach the target.

Enroll today and reach your strategic communication objectives!
Who this course is for:
  • Managers and directors who are often in front of audiences
  • Beginner communicators who need tools
  • Advanced communicators in a need for new ideas


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